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Our chicks come from hand selected high quality eggs from reliable parents. Some of our more rare breeds come from selected top notch breeders and are detailed below. 
Appenzeller Spitzhauben - Our Spitzys come from Green Fire Farm linesand are selected for high mohawks that are forwarded slanting. We have Golden Spangled, Silver Spangled and Chamois. They are excellent foragers and prefer to free range or live in a large flight pen. Birds are very alert, athletic and are very good foragers with their strong blue grey colored feet. They lay medium to large white eggs. 

Ayam Cemani - Our Cemani come from Green Fire Farm lines and are selected for dark colors, dark tongue, black nails, dark colored rooster combs and no feather color defects.  These are top notch birds and are absolutely stunning in the sunlight with a black base and shimmers of green, blue and green in the feathers.  Absolute show stoppers! They lay a medium to large tinted cream colored egg. 

Barn Yard Blue/ Green Easter Eggers  - Our blue/green eggers are free range pasture birds with great genetics.  They are mixes of Easter Egger types and have eggs that are Tiffany Blue, Green, Mint, Blue, Sky Blue, Light Olive, Sage and Dark Green.  They are wonderful birds from a wonderful local farm. These are very pretty birds that work well in small coops to open free range lifestyles. They lay large to extra large eggs. 

Barn Yard Brown Eggers - Our brown eggers come from an organic non-gmo farm and are free ranged.  There is Black Copper Maran in the rooster and mixed brown eggers in the flock.  There is one bird that throws a dark cream almost OD Desert Tan colored base to the egg.  These are wonderful birds suited for coop life and great for free range. These lay large to extra large brown, dark brown, copper and beige colored eggs. 

Silkies - Are from the Dr. Johnson line of silkies.  They are fluffy, 5 toes and have dark skin.  They do not fly and are cute little puffballs of a chicken.  They are quirky with giant personalities.  They lay a medium sized light cream colored egg. 

Svart Hona - Also known as Swedish Black Hen coming from Green Fire Farm Lines.  These birds are very attractive all black and are closely related to the Ayam Cemani.  They tend to be a little more full bodied compared to the Cemani and can tolerate the cold better.  They lay a medium cream colored egg.
Indio Gigante- Our Indio Gigante line was obtained from Green Fire Farms in March 2023.  Very young at this time but have some great colors and the genetic line is solid. We cannot wait to get these birds to adulthood, they will be fun.  Handled daily and they do not seem to mind it. 
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