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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions

Do you medicate any of your chicks?

All of our chicks are free of antibiotics,  immunizations, added hormones or chemical additives.  Our chicks are fed organic and GMO free chick starter food.  Due to the lack of organic high protein feed suppliers all quail and turkey are fed non-gmo game bird food that is not labeled as organic.  We do not vaccinate birds due to there are no documentations the vaccinations have lasting effects long term in the bird, infections can happen after vaccination and vaccinated birds can still spread the disease. ( 

Can I visit the hatchery? 


No. Due to highly parthenogenic avian influenza (AI) we take our biosecurity very serious.  No one is allowed into the hatchery. No exceptions.  Please understand this is for everyone's protection.  It would be horrible to buy a chick and infect your family's flock and have to have them all put down (that is what the USDA does) or put all of my birds down due to a vector transmission on accident.  We accept appoints to visit the chick room to select your birds.

Do you ship chicks or eggs? 

No, at this time we do not ship live chicks or eggs.  All sales are made in person and delivered in person. We support our local community and in turn they support us. 

Do you offer hatching services? 

Yes we can hatch eggs for you.  Please understand we must have a written agreement in advance and your eggs must come from a NPIP and AI free farm.  Please contact us for this service.  Lead time is typically 3 weeks in advance to make sure we have incubation slots open.  

Do you recommend any certain type of feed? 

We prefer to use Kalmbach brand foods and Dumore brand foods due to their quality control factors. 

Do you offer day old chicks?

We prefer to offer week old chicks.  This benefits you.  Some health issues can be detected early on so you are not sold a chick that needs extra care or has failure to thrive.  Many box stores order from large hatcheries and people have mysterious issues with chicks dropping dead for no reason (mostly failure to thrive).  We would like to make sure the chick is eating and drinking to allow you to pick from top notch, healthy, and thriving fuzz balls.  Day old chicks are available upon request but are sold as is. 

Do you offer laying hens?

No we offer chicks only. If you are looking for laying hens it is best to check with some of our local friends listed below;

Goodfeather Farms

Egg Heads On Tap (message via Ebay) 

Where can I learn about quail husbandry?

One of the best quail resources is Coturnix Corner.  The Coturnix Corner YouTube channel is a wonderful place to learn. Terry the owner has a weekly Q&A sessions along with guests to answer quail related issues.  

Do you offer returns? 

Chicks and eggs are living biological creatures.  We cannot accept chicks back after sales due to biosecurity reasons.  We cannot risk an unintentional  pathogenic exposure to our flocks. All sales are final

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