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The price list is what we stick by to keep pricing fair and upfront.  Please note some chicks are more rare and do cost more. Rare means they are less common, harder to hatch and some are listed as critical endangered due to their dwindling populations.  Others are just hard to get our hands on eggs.

This list is representative of most breeds we deal with.  They are not always in stock.  This is a price list of if we have them in stock at the time.  Currently there is a rush on chicks, we sell out quick!

Chicks currently in stock are listed on our main page. 

Chick Pricing Standard Chicks

Standard Breeds up to one to two weeks $8, three to four weeks $10, five weeks $12

Brown Eggers


Barred Rock

Black Star

Black Australorp

Black Jersey Giant


Buff Orpington

Buff Brahma

Cinnamon Queen

Dark Brahma


Gold Laced Wyandotte

Golden Comet

ISA Brown

Hyline Brown

Light Brahma

New Hampshire Red

Plymouth Blue Rock

Production Red

Production Blue

Rhode Island Red

Speckled Sussex

Silver Laced Wyandotte


White Eggers 

Brown Leghorn

California Grey

California White

Pearl Star

White Leghorn

Colored Eggers


Easter Egger (Blue Eggs)

Olive Egger (Green Eggs)

Chick Pricing Speciality Chicks

Specialty Breeds up to one to two weeks $10,three to four weeks $14, five weeks $16

Brown Egger

Assorted Cochins


Blue Australorp


Cuckoo Maran

Chocolate Orpington

Mystic Maran


Salmon Faverolle

White Jersey Giant

French Pearl Guinea

Russian Orloff

White Egger

Black Minorca

Blue Breasted Brown Leghorn



Assorted Polish

Colored Egger

Prairie Bluebell

Sapphire Olive Egger

Starlight Green Egger

Chick Pricing Rare Chicks

Rare Breeds up to one week $15, two weeks $18, three to four weeks $22, five weeks $24

Brown Egger

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte


Lavender Orpington

Jubilee Orpington

White Egger

None Available At This Time

Colored Egger

Blue Copper Maran - Dark Brown

Cream Legbar - Blue

Black Copper Marans- Dark Brown

French Wheaten Maran - Dark Brown

Chick Pricing Boutique Chicks


Week 1 $10

Week 2 $12

Week 3-4 $14

Week 5 $16

Ayam Cemani

Week 1 $25

Week 2 $30

Week 3-4 $35

Week 5 $40

Svart Hona
Sweedish Black Hen

Week 1 $30

Week 2 $35

Week 3-4 $40

Week 5 $45

Chick Pricing Quail Chicks

Standard or Jumbo 
Coturnix or Celadon Mix

Week 1  $2

Week 2  $3

Week 3-4 $4

Week 5+ $5


Week 1 $3

Week 2 $4

Week 3-4 $5

Week 5+ $6

Bob White

Week 1 $2

Week 2 $3

Week 3-4 $4

Week 5+ $5

Chick Pricing Turkey Chicks

Heritage Breeds

Week 1 $15

Week 2 $20

Week 3-4 $30

Week 5. $40

Miniature Breeds

Week 1 $15

Week 2 $20

Week 3-4 $30

Week 5 $40

Broad Breasted
Mixed Breed/Hybrids

Week 1 $15

Week 2 $18

Week 3-4 $25

Week 5 $30

Hatching Egg Prices

Coturnix Quail
Assorted Types

$10 a dozen

Celadon Coturnix Quail

$15 a dozen

Standard Mixed Chicken Eggs
Brown and Colored

$20 a dozen

Due to variations in incubators, hatching experience,  egg handling and other circumstances we do not warranty any type of hatch rate.  Hatch at your own risk.  These are the same eggs we use! 

All Sales Are Final!

If you experience any sudden death of your chicks within 24 hours please let us know. Although we do not warranty live animals we can work with you on a replacement on a case by case basis. 

We do not sex chicks before our sales all chicks are straight run.

We have no minimum orders. We prefer you to not purchase a lone chick due to chickens being are social creatures and need social interaction to keep stressors down and body heat regulated.  Keep this in mind when purchasing chicks. 

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